Wide Range of Exceptional Pump & Meter Services At M & H PUMPS

M & H Pumps prides its reputation on the quality services offered to our clients. From pressure tests to pipe installation systems, we provide a full range of services relating to pumping services that meet the direct requirements of our clients.

With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and integrity, we have built up experience and insights over years operating in our industry. This coupled with specialized, state of the art calibration and measuring equipment, we are able to provide pumping systems and meters that exceed the expectations of our clients.


We supply:
• Bulk fuel equipment and products
• Flow meters
• Fuel filtration equipment and products
• The manufacturing of custom equipment such as diesel trailers and pump sets
• The maintenance and reconditioning of equipment


We refurbish:
• FMC Smith Flow Meters
• Control Valve 210
• Black mere pumps
• Gorman Rupp pumps
• Avery Hardoll Meters
• Inline strainers
• LC flow meters


We have extensive experience in the industry and have over the years become the household name as the specialized experts in:


• Fuel Depot equipment ,service and maintenance
• Flow Metering Systems (Mechanical & Digital)
• Pump Systems & Pump Skids
• Filtering Systems
• Meter and Tank Calibration
• Mobile Calibration Units (Master Meter or Tank)
• Mobile Pull Cart, Vehicle or Trailer mounted Dispensers
• Above Ground Fuel Storage
• Tank Cleaning and Refurbishment
• Meter and Pump Refurbishment
• Site survey and Quote
• Site installations
• Storage tank Re-spray and Graphics

• Fuel sampling Systems
• Pressure and Flow Testing of Systems
• Wide Range of Spares and Service kits
• Emergency Mobile Call Out Unit
• Test Bench Certificates
• Valves and Flow restrictors (Mechanical & Digital)
• Trade in value of old systems for new
• Trailer System Designs (Pumping, Metering & Filtration)
• New Fuel Depot Installations
• Project Management
• Pipe system Installations
• Innovation and Idea Services
• Depot Breakdown Call Out Services



Calibration, Remanufacture, Service and Pressure Test

Our state of the art facility located in Gauteng offers three calibration benches operated by certified Verification Officers.

They are supported by a team of experienced technicians to inspect, service and where required completely remanufacture any positive displacement flow meter Sized from 1½ inch to 6 inch.

To minimise down time of your meters when out of service, door to door courier service is offered, collecting from anywhere in the world to our warehouse in South Africa.

Typical turnaround time is between three and seven working days.

Out test benches have flow rate capacities of:

50 litres / min. (3m³/h) to 500 litres / min. (30m³/h)

150 litres / min. (9m³/h) to 1,500 litres / min. (90m³/h)

400 litres / min. (24m³/h) to 4,000 litres / min. (240m³/h)
We Collect & Deliver Worldwide
We specialize in the repairs and maintenance
of flow meters from 1 ½ inch up to 6 inch.



The error of the meter as a function of flow rate has been determined by comparison to a reference meter, FMC model no. ASG110H, serial # 18FL127343, SA approval no. 1248, which was itself calibrated against a standard volumetric tank with certificate no. J19/09123 issued, expiry date 11/09/2020. Test was done using an electronic counter, Mathematic EM6 serial # 1901015, to SANS 1698.


Eliminating Paraffin Shellsol D60 (SG @ 15ºC=0.76-0.82 Kinematic Viscosity @ 20ºC=1.72cST)
MIL-PRF-680 Type II