FMC control valves

Smith Meter® Model 210
Digital Electro-Hydraulic Set Stop

The Smith Meter® Model 210 Valve is typically used in conjunction with either the Smith Meter® AccuLoad family of electronic products for preset loading control at load racks, bulk plants or processing installations.
The valve is hydraulically-operated and diaphragm-controlled utilizing normally-open (N.O.) and normally-closed (N.C.) solenoids. Liquid control is accomplished by using line pressure or an external pressure source for actuation of the valve.

Sizes: 2 in. to 6 in.
Diaphragm-globe valve, steel body
Digital electro hydraulic
Operating pressures up to 285 psig (1965 kPa)
Viscosities up to 40 cP
For use with electronic preset controllers
Simple control loop
Control loop isolation valves
Low pressure drop
Separate opening and closing speed control
Compound spring
Horizontal or vertical applications
Full range of optional control functions

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