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  • Fuel Depot equipment ,service and maintenance
  • Flow Metering Systems (Mechanical & Digital)
  • Pump Systems & Pump Skids
  • Filtering Systems
  • Meter and Tank Calibration
  • Mobile Calibration Units (Master Meter or Tank)
  • Mobile Pull Cart, Vehicle or Trailer mounted Dispensers
  • Above Ground Fuel Storage
  • Tank Cleaning and Refurbishment
  • Meter and Pump Refurbishment
  • Site survey and Quote
  • Site installations
  • Depot Breakdown Call Out Services
  • Storage tank Re-spray and Graphics
  • Fuel sampling Systems
  • Pressure and Flow Testing of Systems
  • Wide Range of Spares and Service kits
  • Emergency Mobile Call Out Unit
  • Test Bench Certificates
  • Valves and Flow restrictors (Mechanical & Digital)
  • Trade in value of old systems for new
  • Trailer System Designs (Pumping, Metering & Filtration)
  • New Fuel Depot Installations
  • Project Management
  • Pipe system Installations
  • Innovation and Idea Services

Black Rhino Skid | Environmentally And User Friendly Pump Station

The Black Rhino Skid - designed and developed by M&H Pump and Meter Services to be an environmentally and user friendly PUMP STATION.

Product Features:

• This equipment is self-protected.
• Flame-Proof motor & a start-stop.
• Built in foam tank from air eliminator and it includes maintenance sight glass & valves.
• Built in nozzle drip recovery tanks including sight glass and valve.
• All construction comes with welding and material certification.