M&H Pump Services cc

We are the specialists and innovators of all sized new and reconditioned “bulk” fuel meters, pumps and equipment. We pride ourselves on being the supplier that brings cutting edge technology and innovation to our clients. We supply a wide variety of petrochemical equipment to various sectors like the mining, industrial, lubrication, chemical, petroleum and transportation of fuel industries.

We supply:

  • Bulk fuel equipment and products
  • Diesel filtration equipment and products
  • The manufacturing of custom equipment such as diesel trailers and pump sets
  • The maintenance and reconditioning of equipment

We have extensive experience in the industry and have over the years become the household name as the specialized experts in:

  • New and reconditioned bulk fuel meters
  • Depot maintenance and installations
  • New and reconditioned bulk fuel pumps
  • Bulk fuel tank cleaning
  • All petrochemical equipment and aviation refueling equipment.
  • Re-manufacturing of fuel equipment
  • Above Ground Tank Installations
  • Underground Tank Installation

Join the team of innovators and trendsetters today!

Why pay crazy prices on fuel Equipment ?

We can RE-MANUFACTURE fuel equipment at half the price for the same warranty/guarantee as new equipment.

We buy used fuel equipment such as bulk fuel meters and bulk fuel pumps and more in ANY condition.

We take your old fuel equipment and exchange it for refurbished fuel equipment at a fraction of the cost which means you will experience no down time.